Portal level 19

portal level 19

Chamber 19 is the final test, after which you have been promised cake. . Create, instead, a portal on the second level and one on your level,  ‎ Walkthrough · ‎ Hallway · ‎ Oven · ‎ Sixth room. Subscribe for more great gaming content: spielezurhochzeit.review A walk though for the. Test Chamber 19 Part 4 - Portal: Testchamber 19 (continued) Move to the far wall on the top level and you'll come to an area with a bunch of. After a ride in the tube, you will fall into a Vital Apparatus Vent dispenser. Ziff Davis IGN AskMen PCMag Offers. You're not even going the right way Portal Table of Contents Walkthrough Table of Contents. Or just jump onto the stairs. You're now done with peek-a-portal in this chamber; the rest follows the normal walkthrough, optimized where possible and executed promptly and perfectly. You're aiming for the part of the walkway that is wider than the center schmetterlinge spielen kostenlos 3 gewinnt as to avoid over-shooting. Once in the next room, look straight up to see a whole mess of pistons. Maybe the turret X drawer has been here too? Test Chamber 00 - The Beginning Test Chamber 01 - Carrying Objects Test Chamber 02 - Get the Blue Portal Gun Test Chamber 03 - Trying Out Portals Test Chamber 04 - Reaching Far Off Places Test Chamber 05 - Unmonitored As always, practice until your best moves are in muscle memory. In order to deal with this, you have to create a portal on the wall, and when the pellet has gone through it, quickly create the other portal another place so the pellet does not ricochet back through the portal. You're aiming for the part of the walkway that is wider than the center part so as to avoid over-shooting. You should make it into an opening that was above your previous level. Then turn forwards and shoot the orange portal at the back wall over the fire pit and pull straight back before it lands. In other words, you need to make the pellet come out somewhere other than where you're about to go through. Now, create a portal behind the stationary platform you can see, while looking down the hallway, and create another accessible portal. When the platform reaches the wall, go into the portal, and jump back onto it when it has passed the wall.

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Test Chamber 19 Part 6. Remember not to create another portal, as the pellet would go through it. From the opening of the entry chamberlock to the end-of-level trigger should be less than two minutes and twenty seconds. Place the other portal on the floor just ahead of you and drop through. Shoot a new orange portal along the corridor to hit the far wall at about the same height, i. Move to the far wall on the top level and you'll come to an area with a bunch of fast-moving, smaller pistons. Simply wait for the pistons to both move down, then fire an orange portal through the hall and pass through the nearby blue portal to reach the next room. Hunter View Profile View Posts. Turn degrees to look back at the structure that you just portaled out of. Test Chamber 19 Part 4.

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